Services resume in Colón in salute to the Victoria de Girón

In Colón, works of the Health and services sector were revived in greeting to the 62nd anniversary of the Victory of Playa Girón, including office 22, where the working conditions of the family doctor and nurse were improved in terms of furniture , painting and completion of technical means.

The health sector in Colón exhibits in 2023 and until this April 19 a rate of zero infant and maternal mortality.

A new veneer with marble from the clinical laboratory plateaus and the rehabilitation of the hydraulic networks in the Francisco Figueroa polyclinic contribute to compliance with hygienic-sanitary regulations and also improve work activity.

Also at the Carlos J. Finlay polyclinic, the Stomatology service was fully air-conditioned, which improves the comfort of patients when receiving specialized care.

The same system favors the consultation of the Pediatric Guard Corps at the Doctor Mario Muñoz General Hospital, where for a value of more than 6 thousand pesos the waiting room, infirmary and pre-admission were rehabilitated with better conditions.

In the productive sector, the Guamuta Cooperative Basic Production Unit received a new laboratory acquired by the Cooperation Project

Vía Láctea allows the analysis of the quality indicators of the milk collected by 28 farmers from three Credit and Services Cooperatives.

The Artex Store provides services with new forms of non-state management.

The Combar mipyme and the Madera dura creation group work there, together with the non-state worker Mileydis Gómez, and they sell musical items, handicrafts, furniture, saddlery and gastronomy products.

To maintain the quality of services despite the limitations of resources and supplies was the call made, as was the call to participate in the festivities for May Day. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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