Record of a little increase of milk production in Matanzas

In the month of January the province of Matanzas increased slightly the production of milk, and with 98 % of compliance of the plan keep the duties to increase the collection of liquid.

About the rules to secure the milk of basic basket, the member of the Executive Desk of the Provincial Committee of the Party. Luis Alberto Rodriguez Velazquez, accurated that requires on each province keep the strict control about the production, according to the capacity of each producer.

The winter month suppose a period of cop dry, situation that affect the feeding of the cattle. Despite of this situation, Matanzas count the potentialities to increase the collect of milk, according to the delegate of the Minister of agriculture, Carlos Luis Naranjo Suarez.

Others of the treaties topics was the sowing cold campaign, by its importance on the feeding of the population during the month in coming, The authorities analyzed the strategy to accelerate the plantation, specially of yucca and banana.

One of the initiatives that constituted the breeding of quail, by its rich properties in nutrients as calcium, match, zinc  and iron. The population count with 25 thousand laying hens and in the pass of the year foresee increase the addition to 100 thousand of this birds. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon 

Acerca Arleen Dianet Matamoros Morales

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