Nephrology room contributes to improving the quality of life

Newly arrived patients and others with long stays appreciate the care of doctors and nurses in the nephrology room of the Faustino Pérez Clinical Surgical Hospital, in Matanzas.

One of them is Medardo Luis Ramírez, who is pleased to talk about the attention of all the staff and the response to their doubts and concerns. This patient remains hospitalized waiting to complete a check-up to issue a timely diagnosis.

Attention to different pathologies linked to nephrology and other specialties improves the quality of life of patients. This is stated by Dr. Bionailda Ordóñez Pérez, head of this service, who adds that another of the strengths is the training of medical and nursing students and residents of the specialty, to provide better professionals with a high scientific degree.

The monitoring of each patient and timely information to the family falls on the nursing staff based on their preparation. This is what Lic. Teresa Vega Montalvo says, who with several decades of experience remains in charge of the nursing department.

Patience, love, a sense of belonging and a lot of professionalism make the doctors and nurses in the nephrology ward at the Faustino Pérez Hospital a benchmark in medical care in the province of Matanzas. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

Acerca Eliane Táboas Merino

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