Musicaribe Dance Company Colón celebrates its 28th anniversary

28 years have passed since Oscar Rodríguez Soto, its director, and the lead singer Maday Carmona Lima, among other founders, decided to start a cultural project to unite children, adolescents and young people in the world of art.

Time confirmed the success of the initial proposal and today, converted into the Musicaribe Dance Colón Company, it is a reference for culture in the country

They celebrate the anniversary at their main headquarters, the Café Disco Colonial, one of the many stages where they exude creativity as an example of the defense of the most indigenous aspects of Cuban culture and with passages from the international arena.

Several generations have passed through the children’s workshop and the company, where art instructors from the José Martí Brigade also converge, and they have the support of parents and authorities of the municipality and the provinc

Singing, dancing, music and acting come together in each presentation, a sign of the commitment to training talents.
Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon
Iris quintero

Acerca Casterman Medina de León

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