Photo reportage: The more longer function in the park from Matanzas

As every year arrived The more longer function in the square of freedom the population of Matanzas. The colors, music and dance encouraged the enclosure were kids and adults converged.

Through games of participation artist of the Provincial Council of Scenic Arts of the city interchange with the public who can enjoy of a different day.


The theater group El Miron Cubano and members of the America Circus Company shared the happiness through pirouettes with the most little one of the house. Secondly, the Novadanza and Danza Espiral Companies and delighted the yumurino public with Flemish and move inspired on several Cuban origins.

I think it´s a pleasure to share this first days of the years with the public of Matanzas that will come with us in all we provided this year. The public is very avid of cultural activities and this days are very important for the population has several options, commented by Liliam Padron Chavez, Principal of the Danza Espiral company.

The more longer Function, dedicate to the kids, arrived to the scene from Matanzas on this begins of 2023 to celebrate the anniversary 64 of The Revolution Triumph. (ALH)

 Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

Acerca Arleen Dianet Matamoros Morales

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