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Empower program of the living place in Matanzas

The year 2023 begins for the Provincial Direction of Living Place on Matanzas with a harder process of inversion and constructive action on several places, inside the compromise of more than 1400 livings place to build to this period.

Sectors as Health, Education, Farming, Commerce and Gastronomic apply alternatives before the lacks and materials pre fabricated. The recollection of locals and plots on disuse allow the completion of the housing found.

Among the great projects that rush, highlights the transformation of the neighborhood margins of the San Juan Rivers, with the construction of living places to the family in situation of vulnerability, as well as complex Cultural-Gastronomic in the community.

The Living place and a social right 

As Idobaldo Diaz Martinez, coordinator of Objectives and Project of the Provincial Government, the piece prioritize the three child mothers or more kids, together with more families in vulnerabilities situation.

Among the objectives for this year stand out the reanimation of surrounding to the margins of the San Juan river and the development of locals production of materials of construction that will allow increased the edification if news living houses, referred

“Aspire Matanzas to materialize one thousand 350 news homes this year, according to the ACN Idobaldo Diaz Martinez, coordinator of objectives and programs of the Government till the date its built one thousand 174 houses, 636 by own reinforcement, 381 of the state plan and 125 through subsidies”

— Boris Luis Guerrero Delgado (@BorisLuisMtz) December 19, 2022

In the distribution Alvaro Reynoso also execute a plan of works in charge of state organism, among them a thirty of houses to the affected families by the sinister in the super tank base of Matanzas city.

In the province exist a housing fund of 256 359 houses and the year 2022 closed by below than anticipate, close of 70% and 90%  as soon as the rehabilitation.Though it is not fulfilled with the demand of the population, its working to increase the transformation on neighborhood and communities to benefits to a big numbers of families.

Among the three featured provinces of the country on the march of the political of implementation of the Housing Provincial Direction, Matanzas culminated close of 1350 habitation al cells.

Created 4 years ago, the Program of Living Place of Cuba constitute one of the priorities politic of the country directed to empower the own  resources of the population on benefits of the population. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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