Meets The EMPAI of Matanzas Objectives of the Live Task


A shallow balance, almost to conclude the year, aim to the obtained result in the stage by the Architecture and Engineering Projects Company(EMPAI), from Matanzas, in the compliance of the objectives of the called Live Task whose purpose stirrup on establish a friendly relationship with the environment.

The construction of catwalks to protect the dune and the correct location of infrastructure, loungers, beach ranch and shadow areas, as well as the installation os an climate system with re-circulation of deep waters in the International Hotel, figuring among the execute actions in Varadero, the bigger touristic pole of sun and beach of the country.

According to the bulletin We Are EMPAI, just published by the own identity, In the Marina Seagull , also belongs to the famous spa, were used separator of hydrocarbon with the purpose of evoid  its contamination during the tipper over of the drain network. Their specialist also made in the foundation of the photovoltaic parks of Cardenas.

Although to the presented difficulties with the means, do not stopped other project wich one their participation result decisive. It is so that continues the works of urbanization in the margins of the San Juan river, the edification of the new municipal court and the construction of houses to the victims in the fire happens in the Supertank base  the August 5.

A new one for the lover of the Yumurina City is that started the inspection, defectation and the architectural survey of the property Sacred Hearts school, know as City  hall number 5 or language school.

In this way and next to complete a new anniversary, the collective of the Matancera EMPAI ratifies their commitment of keep at the height of the best, and bet on the creativity and the respect to the environment.

                                                                                                                 Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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