Matanzas on celebration by the 64 anniversary of the Revolution Triumph

The province direction of culture organize activities to celebrate the 64 anniversary of the Revolution Triumph until the January, 2 of 2023.

The interview to TV Yumuri, the general sub principal of that institution, Noslen Gonzalez Sosa, offered details of the concerts, theater presentation and festival that will host the Athene of Cuba the last day of this 2022.

The Cultural Center Among bridge will host a scenic Feria were the Soldance Company will participate, theater El Miron Cubano, Theater Tentempie, Novadanza Company and clowns, among others, from the 4:00pm to the 6:00pm.

«In Matanzas we celebrate as strong plate of this working day the second edition Alternative and Electronic Music Festival Athens Fusion, with groups as Buena Fe, Karamba and artistas of the size Jotabarrioz and Adrian Berazan, Thursday and Friday from the 9 pm», explained Gonzalez Sosa.  

The first day of January return the dancing to communities, parks and squares of al the province, with the presentation of orchestra, groups and singers from Matanzas on around of 22 localities.

In the city of Matanzas, in the White Room, to the 7:00pm, the Typical Cuban Picket will celebrate the anniversary 144 of having dance by first time in the Cuban Athens the dance The Highest of Simpson, and starting the 10:00pm the Failde Orchestra will offer a concert in the Freedom Square to the Matanceros lovers of the dancing popular music.

«The January, 2 will occur the childhood parties in greeting to the anniversary of the Revolution Triumph, with activities in all the populations of the province», said the provincial sub principal of the culture.  

A great childhood cultural feria is preparing Matanzas to the second day of 2023, starting of the 10:00am in the Freedom Square with the function more longer, initiative of the province council of the Scenic Arts.

Will participate further the provincial center of the book, that will propitiate the sell of some examples to the kids; the city museum, mages, clowns, and a show of the groups of the scenic arts from Matanzas, Icaron theater, Miron Cubano theater, Danza Spiral Company, Novadanza and Circus America, Paplote Theater, among others. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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