Literature from Matanzas, actual achievements and challenged to the 2023

The literary promotion center Jose Jacinto Milanes, with the Book Provincial Center and the editorials from Matanzas, ends this 2022 in the development of the digital books and the incentive to add new management forms with the literature of the Athene of Cuba.

One of the organization more involved in new editorial projects result the Cuban Historian Union(CHU) in Matanzas, on this year with the journalist Read the History, dedicated specifically to teach to the people more attractive ways of study and acknowledgment.

Yanko Fernandez Cruz, first vice president of the(CHU), ensures that in space like the book´s Saturday aboard  historic topics of the city of the bridge as, for example, the dedicate recently to the fireman´s body with the presentation of the book Among fire, in honor to the specialist that participated in the fire extinction of a great proportion happen in super tank base.

«This year 2022 has been a intense year to the CHU as soon as editorial duty, by the few availability of resource. However we made present on the fairs of the book 2022 the digital volume with the seal Editions CHU», explained Armando Santana, vice president of the Cuban Historian Union.

Members of the entity in the province received this year two important national prime  of the critic, that relapsed on the brothers Urbano Martinez Carmenate, with the award Jose Luciano Franco by the book Oscar Maria de Rojas, father of the Cuban museology, and Danilo Martinez Carmenate with the Lauro Hortensia Pichardo with the piece, The generals writes.

Book´s fair in Matanzas: Convocation and official date

About the official date and the convocation in the Book´s fair of Matanzas, the principal of the Center of Literary Promotion Jose Jacinto Milanes, Frank Santana, explained that the date will occupied the historic center of the city and the Narvaez walk from the 2 to the 5 of March dedicated to the writer and National Prime of Edition Alfredo Zaldivar Muñoz and the 42 anniversary of the Matanzas Editorial and the 25 of Aldabon´s editions.

To the Center of Literary Promotion the year 2022 means a year very productive explained Santana, because on this month celebrate the centenary of the poetry Carilda Oliver Labra with activities that encourage the poetry and the study of author from Matanzas.

The institution promotes the link with news ways of management not state as the mipyme Xcaparate, and the extension of the library Fuente de Castalia on the middle street. There live together a coffee to a space to market books of value use and wear, experience that look expand to other library.

The 2023 will be, according to Santana, a year of news goals that imposes the development, promotion and publish of the digital book, how to reach the public to this new way of read and to apply news technique in the hostiry of the study. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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