Graduate new professional to the Health on Matanzas

As a part of the XXXV graduation of the detachment Carlos Juan Finlay, more than 250 professionals of the health, graduates of the Medical Science University of Matanzas, received their titles of doctors in medicine and stomatology.

Fourteen doctors and stomatology and thirty eight on medicine graduate with tittle of gold during the ceremony celebrate in the Sauto´s Theater, National Monument. In the act recognized to the integral vanguard in the different categories and primed to who by their academic result will integrate the square of honor of each Faculty of the general University.

With a academic index of 5 points and the distinction of more integral in docent, the Dr Amanda Bernal Garcia result one of the featured on this graduation, result that to made her deserving of integrate the honor´s square of the Medicine Science University among  to others 5 graduate.

The more integral student on this XXXV graduation resulted the doctor Enrique Quintero, who keep along of his career a stable trajectory in docent, investigation and social impact task.

The act, were professionals and news students ratified commitment of continue driving this piece of infinite love, they joined the actuation of the Venus Trio and the soloist Carmen Lidia Madan,  with what conclude the ceremony dedicate to the centenary of the University Student Federation, the anniversary 64 of the triumph of the revolution and the to the 60 of the Communist Young Union. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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