Language in children: How to develop it? (Infographic)

During the first months of the child, we experience a group of unique sensations as parents, including that first babble where we evidence the linguistic interaction with the outside world.

Language is one of the fundamental aspects in the development of the child, as well referred to by specialists. Achieving good development requires perseverance and dedication, as well as exercises that enable children to become more fluent.

Specialists point out that “it is crucial that children are exposed to speech sounds from birth, regardless of whether or not they can understand the meaning, or reproduce, the words they hear. However, it is not only about exposing the child to language, it is also necessary to have adequate stimulation, through interaction and play, that allows them to acquire the visual, auditory, tactile, motor, cognitive, social, etc., skills necessary and precursors of language”, as stated by the Network of Cognitive Centers.

“From an early age we can identify the affectations that children may present and the response to sounds, for this the intervention of Speech Therapists is essential, specialists who have the necessary tools for an adequate management of the exercises to be applied by each stage,” explained MsC. Aylín Barceló Estupiñan, MGI Speech Therapy Specialist in Matanzas.

Developing children’s speech and language skills becomes a somewhat complex task for parents. To this end, specialists recommend a group of tips in order to promote the development of children’s language in daily routines and activities. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

Acerca Lyl Jiménez Rodríguez

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