Increase their productive commitments Agroforestry company of Matanzas

The Agroforestry Company of Matanzas stand out as one of the best of their kind in the country and each year ratifies its condition of vanguard national. In this 2023 its purpose highest goals, despite of the material limitation.


With the app of the science guarantee an a accepted rotation of crops as the yucca, and the bean and tomato. The sowing staggered allows to close the circle and increase the the productive levels. The entities consolidates its missions to develop the lines as the sawn wood and the coffee programs and coconuts in the flat. On this last years has kept the health of the livestock module in the state El Palmito. There its keep with own food breeding of rams, rabbits, pig and corral birds.

The Agroforestry incorporates several of vegetables in the zeoponic of Cardenas. More than 700 stone cutters produce monthly 4 tons, among tomato, radish, cabbage, carrot and others. Besides, increase the sowing of medical plants as the melissa, the amber and holy cane.

The accomplishment of the planes made possible that the entities closed the 2022 with profits and utilities, besides of ratifier as National Collective Vanguard.

Among the purposes to the actual period its foresees the production of thousand tons of vegetable coal. Also in the nursery of the Base Unity of Matanzas its purpose to fill 37 thousand bags to after be planted with seeds of quality of the varieties mahogany, cedar and baria. Have a plan of 22 thousand postures of acacia, with that guarantee its missions of  re forest the woods of the territory. The effectiveness is guarantee to make on this year superior performance. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon  

Acerca Mayara Hernández Infante

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