Inaugurate XXVII National Hall Leopoldo Romañach enviroment

The national hall Leopoldo Romañach environment, on his XXVII edition, stayed inaugurated in the evening of this Tuesday, in the campus each year summons to the exposition: the gallery space 34, in Varadero, belongs to the Cuban background of cultural estate(FCBC).

The sample its integrated by 33 pieces in diferente manifestation of the visual arts: painting, photography, recorded and installation, and will be response to the public until the February month 2023.

A prestigious judgment, compound by the artist Manuel Hernandez, Osmany Betancourt(Lolo) and Helga Montalvan, decided gift the first award to Enrique Casa Castellano, with a piece without topic in that one he archives the best of the tradition of the gen in our country and the western culture.

In consideration of the evaluators, said painting captures the atmosphere and he knows how to translate in Fedro, resulting a image contemporary, of unquestionable master‘s in all their artist.

The second lauro corresponded to El Panteón de los Osados, of Lazaro Infantes Guiterrez, for introduce a emotive and deep image, intense in actuality. Is about of a expressive painting, that dialogue with the historic purpose of the gen.

Ronny Gonzalez Damas, with his piece named (How) (They Left for Nicaragua), got hold of the third peldaño, when employing a visual concept baroque and contemporary that dialogue with the urban image, subverting in the art field and the citizen environment and the irruption of the actual popular culture.

The Environment Hall Leopoldo Romañach is the only one event of national character that assumes the subsidiary of Matanzas of the FCBC, and Cuba, Matanzas, environment hall Leopoldo Romañach, Varadero were participate artist, whose creation distinguish by its quality and invoice. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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