Sala de Terapia Intensiva

Inaugurate intensive therapy room in the Hospital Faustino Perez

The add of a bed to hemodialysis result one of principals changes in the intensive therapy room of the Surgical Clinic University Hospital Commander Faustino Perez Hernandez, then of a general constructive maintenance.

Sala de Terapia Intensiva

The facelift include the plating of the walls and the ground with marble and the recovery and form work of the carpentry, among other duties.

«The repair it is going to allow not just that the infrastructure make better also the condition of work and the ambient of the patients. This hospital is the attention center to neurotrauma in the cause of the poly traumatized patient and of the several maternal, because of that the important of the reparation», affirmed Tahimy Martinez Naranjo, principal of the center.

The creation group artistic hard wood of the Estate Cuban bottom(FCBC), among with others economic actor, was the responsible of the piece. The lot of the inversion increase to the 12.5 millions of pesos.

The room will count with a area of two rooms to patients with infected diseases. A new integral fake roof will allow increase the condition of sanity, the same with the installation of sanitary pieces with food pedal. This new technologic allow to that the compliance of the protocols of bio security and reduces the risk of contract diseases by contact with infected surface.

Pedal de Pie para lavamanos en Sala de Terapia Intensiva

A total of 8 areas received general constructive maintenance on the last 2 years: the surgical room, interne medical, cardio logic, geriatrics, by fire, and urology, besides of the intensive therapy, and the medical residency.

Uno de los cuartos para pacientes con enfermedades infecciosas
The Hospital Faustino Perez, founded in 1995, drives the repair and maintenance for a greatest well being of its patient and workers. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon 

Acerca Arleen Dianet Matamoros Morales

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