In Varadero V INIVIT International Symposium 2023

The V International Symposium on Roots, Rhizomes, Tubers, Bananas, Bananas and Papaya INIVIT 2023 takes place at the Meliá Internacional hotel in Varadero.

Until tomorrow, October 27 and with the presence of about 300 delegates from Cuba and other nations, the event aims to strengthen collaborative alliances and bring science and innovation closer to food production, explained Dr. Sergio Rodríguez Morales, general director of the National Institute of Tropical Food Research and president of the organizing committee.

On the opening day, MsC. Telse Abdel González Morera, director of Science, Technology, Innovation and Environment of the Ministry of Agriculture, gave a lecture related to Cuba’s scientific and research work in agrarian matters and the importance of weighing innovation as the axis of all processes.

The meeting also served to inaugurate a scientific and commercial fair with a sample of the work of the National Institute of Tropical Food Research in order to contribute to the sustainable production of food and the technical advice of producers in the country.

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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