La cita estará presidida por el lema Las disciplinas humanísticas en la educación ante la agenda 2030.
La cita estará presidida por el lema Las disciplinas humanísticas en la educación ante la agenda 2030.

A debate on the humanistic disciplines in education

The IX International Workshop Humanistic disciplines in education will take place from the 20th to the 22nd of this month at the University of Matanzas.

The event, chaired by the motto Humanistic disciplines in education in view of the 2030 agenda, aims to stimulate scientific debate on the matter.

In person and virtually, participants will be able to exchange about art, culture, values ​​and citizenship and their perspectives on humanist training, as well as the cultural and educational significance of personalities of thought, history and the arts.

For this reason, it is expected that the day of the 21st will take place in the historic center of the city of Yumurina.

Interdisciplinarity, intertextuality and semiotics in the teaching of the humanities and the training process in the area of ​​these disciplines are on the agenda.

The impact that digital technologies and innovation have had on them is also included.

The teaching of history, philosophy, literature, language (as mother tongue, second language and foreign language) and the different artistic manifestations are included in the field of humanistic disciplines.

Through them, critical thinking, logic and global vision skills are acquired, which prepares people to be flexible and changeable in certain circumstances. (ALH)

Miriam Velázquez

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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