Foto: Iris Quintero.

Fire in micro dump affect water supply in Colon

A fire located in the campus of Colon City affected the main supply of water.

The sinister. of little proportions and caused by social indiscipline, was highlighted near of the 11:00 pm of the Monday 6 January, in a micro dump near to the vicinity of the access via to the Popular Consul San Jose de los Ramos.

To the place arrived The Fire man Cops, in charge to extinguish the fire. Nevertheless till exist some spot to eliminate, according to the journalist Iris Quintero Zulueta on her Facebook profile.

The flare destroy part of the pipelines that supply the territory from Colon. Preliminaries observation indicate the damage to some 40 meter of the cover of the tube of polyethylene of high density.

The incident require of technical assistant and the authorities precis of 24 to 48 hours to replace the burning tube. The Company unity  of  Quota Base Gabriel Valiente Martin, executor of the culminate conductor in June 2022, will assume the substitution of the tube with specializes teams with less time possible.

The affectation with the water pumping its foresees in the own zone of the fire, and include the east and center of the city until the central street Martorell. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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