Las Estaciones from Matanzas at the International Festival of Progressive Theater

Teatro de Las Estaciones presented the play «A girl with wings» at the Municipal Theater of Valencia, Carabobo state in Venezuela as part of the First International Festival of Progressive Theater.

Photo: Facebook profile of Rubén Darío Salazar.

“Full theater, people sitting in the aisles, applause, warmth from colleagues and spectators. Gifts, affection, a very enriching exchange. The unforgettable happened there and is repeated over and over again in our minds. María Laura, Iván and Arlettis went for everything interpretively, and that’s how it happened «, published the director of the group Rubén Darío Salazar on his Facebook page.

The play «A girl with wings» is a scenic walk through the children’s poetry of Dora Alonso and artists from Matanzas who arrived in Venezuela.

The First Progressive Theater Festival based in Caracas, Venezuela, intends, under the motto: «That humanity be human», to exchange the art of theater groups from 15 countries.

The objective of the event is to spread a message of union for all peoples around the world through the arts, freedom of thought and action for life.

By Anylisec Grau Boffill
Translated by Gabriela Bringas Hernández

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