Educational works inaugurated in Cárdenas

Since this month of June, the municipality of Cárdenas has a new secondary school located in the town of Camarioca and it was inaugurated by the first secretary of the Party in Matanzas, Susely Morfa González, and Governor Mario Sabines Lorenzo.

The center, which is called Amable Flores Rodríguez, will guarantee study of this level to about 120 students from the town and the town of Cantel and other nearby sites, who until this course have to travel to centers located several kilometers away.

The new campus will have 6 classrooms and other premises necessary for teaching development. The facility was refurbished at a cost of 3 million pesos in an old shopping center, and on the day pioneers who are currently in sixth grade at the local elementary school were among the first to visit the new school with their parents and future teachers. .

The Pequeños Guerrilleros de Kuang Nam children’s circle reopens its doors in the 13 de Marzo area, in the city of Cárdenas. The educational institution for about 4 months received a capital repair that allowed to considerably transform the constructive state and expand from 130 to 180 capacities. The actions had a cost of 8 million pesos financed by one percent of the local contribution.

During the inauguration, Susely Morfa González congratulated the builders who took on the work and urged the center’s collective to take great care of this dream come true. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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