Matanzas Provincial Court Develops Scientific Day

The People’s Provincial Court of Matanzas held its scientific day and family workshop at the José White Concert Hall in the Athens of Cuba. Within the framework of the activities for the 50th anniversary of the court system in Cuba, the meeting was attended by guests from the Collective Law Firms, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Directorate of Justice and the University of Matanzas.

The renowned pianist Elvira Santiago enlivened the opening moment of the event. Next, Iris María Méndez Trujillo, Ph.D., Vice-Dean of Research and Postgraduate Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the Yumurina House of Higher Studies, gave the keynote lecture Regarding the application of the family code on its first anniversary. A view from socio-affectivity.

The second moment of the meeting gave way to the presentation of the scientific day and the Families Workshop. The latter featured panels dedicated to parental responsibility, family violence, and family law institutions. The scientific event included presentations dedicated to the activity of enforcement judges, the influence of work on social reintegration, the need for a legislative norm on disability and disinheritance in the Cuban inheritance regime.

The conference also included a lecture by Dr. Ismary Lara Espina. Afterwards, the vice president of the People’s Provincial Court, Luidmila Arias Rodríguez, and Professor Iris María Méndez Trujillo presented the prizes and recognitions to the participants.

The event culminated with the graduation of the tenth edition of the Diploma in the Administration of Justice. Nine professional judges culminated the different stages with an integrative exercise in which they presented the knowledge acquired. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

Acerca Daniela Pujol Pérez

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