Cóndor llegó a Varadero con una moderna aeronave. Foto: Ilustrativa

Condor reset flies to Varadero with showy ship

In the afternoon of this Friday January 20 with a showy ship of the Germany airline Condor arrived in the track of the International airport Juan Gualberto Gomez with its intense yellow stripes, a chosen color to fly in the enclaves of sun and beach as the prestigious Blue Beach.

The company changes their corporate image in 2022, and each ship will count with a design and meaning chords to the touristic destinations to the its operate, because that also will count with ships with stripes in red, blue, green and beige.

The airline decided include to Varadero among the first World destination connected with the new plane A330neo, that reaffirms the main Cuban spa  on the prefers Condor, among the 16 companies that fly to Matanzas on winter season.

According several publications specialist, the A330neo will replace to the planes of the ancient generation on its flout to reduce the operatives cost of Condor, like that the consumption of gas and the emissions of CO2 in a 25%.

The airplane has the capacity to 310 passengers, with 30 sit in businesses, 64 sit in Premium Economic and 216 sit on economic class.

On his count of social media tuit, Ivis Fernandez Peña, delegate of the Minister of tourism in Matanzas, stressed the characteristic of this planes, More efficient, comfortable and keep environment.

Varadero located in the north cost in Matanzas, count with close of 60 installations hotel each ones group of 22 thousand rooms, and have of a wide extra hotel network and several recreation activities nautical.

Consider by polls foreigners among the best beach of the orb, Varadero opens a winter season, of November to April, with news, thanks to transformations to the hotel plant and also the extra hotel. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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