Cardiovascular diseases represent the principal cause of death in Matanzas

The cardiovascular diseases are among the main causes of death of Matanzas and the country in general.

More than 16 millions of peoples in the world died each year by cardiovascular diseases. Figures that increase gradually. The ischemic heart diseases, more know as heart attack  are the main cause of death.

The average of the hospital at national level it is in a 12%, while that in the Commander Faustino Perez Clinical Surgical University Hospital are below of 10%. This numbers, far of the meaning of success, represent a sensor of alarm to the population. Most of the patient don  not arrive to receive medical attention at time.

The doctor Javier Vidal Casal demystifies that all the sudden death are because of the heart attack and that the young patient do not exceed it, well is evident that a young and strong heart has a bigger chance to survived.

There is a trend to this cardiovascular diseases, on first place, due yo the aging of the population. Custom that still growing, also grow the hypertension diseases, diabetes, renal insufficiency, neurovegetative manifestation, sweating, pallor, cooler, shortness of breath or sudden death.

Is essential before symptom go immediately to the medical service. There are maneuvers early resuscitation to attend to the patient on the first minutes, but it must be realized by lifesaver or rescue team.

While it is true that in the country is getting through a economic crisis, in the population they try to revive the emergency room with defibrillator team. This measure require material means and humans since they advocate why does it exist a direct connection with the Cardiologist Service.

The last year were 625 income, 13 of them died. The service of cardiologist of the province is compound by 13 specialist, 12 residents, 18 bed to patient. A month arrive approximately 60 people with cardiovascular diseases to the room.

The doctor Vidal states that the beats treatment to the cardiovascular diseases is the prevention. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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