Participantes en el Taller de Cine Dialógico de Matanzas. Foto: Orlando Franklin

Arrive to Matanzas the Raged Cinema from a Feminist View

Professor from the university Rovira i Virgili, from Catalonia, Spain, and from the university of Glasgow, Scotland, share in Matanzas a Raged cinema Workshop, with shapes of work form distance in the realization of audiovisual with feminist activities, to journalist, communicator and Matanceras activist.

During two days the Dr Nuria Aruña Baro and Dr David Archivald, overall with the Journalist Union of Cuba(JUC) in Matanzas, the Havana Glashow Film Festival, with representation of their principal, Eirene Houston, and the Karibuni project: Cuba on Africa, Oral History, consolidated in the Cuban Association of Artist Artisans campus the audiovisual project that join the cities of Glasgow with Havana and Vilanova with Matanzas.

In the first working day the professor explained to the auditorium the root of the Raged cinema, during the pandemic of COVID-19, and how to find places with different histories, imagen and communicative products that unite share histories, tradition and point in common despite of the geographic distance that separate to the makers.

It was argued the proposal of realized in Matanzas City communicative products that reflect decolonizer aspect, feminist and gen identity in a historic and audio vidual dialogue.

Three projects resulted from the workshop: the women roles in the Yoruba religion; looks to the trans women in Matanzas, from the hand of the coordinator in the Athene of Cuba of the TransCuba network, Irina Catan, and the needs of the deaf-mute persons in the Yumurina City, besides to the president of the National Association of Deaf in the city.

A visit the neighborhood La Marina allowed, besides of an encounter with local projects the presentation and a sample of the material Cuba on Africa; Oral history of the Karibuni Group(welcome in Swahili language), about the Cuban participation in the liberation of the yoke of the apartheid in said continent.

In the las working day the workshop goals were left to complete in Matanzas, as the termination of the communicative project to futures presentation and the communication among partners in Scotland, Spain and Cuba in pos feminist activism from the dialogic movie.

The professor David Archivald assured he feel pleased of see the results of his ideas in Cuba as well as of converse with professionals that depart of their roots to create and believe in a better world.  (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


Acerca Anylisec Grau Boffill

Cubana, feminista, de izquierdas, periodista. Viviendo en gerundio.

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