They commemorate the 63rd anniversary of the land artillery troops

With a political act and military parade in a unit of the Central Army, the 63rd anniversary of the creation of land artillery troops in the Revolutionary Armed Forces was commemorated.

At the event, chaired by the member of the Central Committee Division General Andrés González Brito, Chief of the Central Army, and the Chief of the Artillery Directorate of the FAR, Brigadier General José Guanche Aguado, distinguished service decorations were awarded in the FAR and Featured in Defense Preparedness. In addition, new Party members received their cards.

The central words were given by Colonel Alfredo Masip Acosta, Chief of the Artillery Section of the Central Army.

Land artillery has played a decisive role in the defense of the Homeland and in internationalist missions in Angola and Ethiopia to combat the enemy. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

Acerca Eliane Táboas Merino

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