Intense rains constitute Ian’s greatest danger for Matanzas

The danger due to the intense rains of 150 mm in three hours associated with the passage of Hurricane Ian through national territory, are still present in the province of Matanzas, according to Civil Defense authorities in a recent session of the Provincial Defense Council.

The dams are at 68% of their filling capacity. According to the Provincial Meteorological Center, the waves can reach up to 3m in height. In the case of the north coast, when the system moves away from the territory, it can also cause waves of that height.

Specialists from the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources maintain surveillance in the territories of Unión de Reyes and Pedro Betancourt due to the micro-dams located there.

The province has more than 70 evacuation centers ready with capacity for 14,000 people. Regarding the agricultural units, more than 9 thousand animals were evacuated and some 296 tons of food were harvested for social consumption and sale to the population.

The president of the Provincial Defense Council, Susely Morfa González, through a videoconference with the rest of the municipalities, insisted on preserving the lives of people and the heritage of the economy.

By Eliane Táboas Merino
Translated by Gabriela Bringas Hernández

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