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Sauto, International Festival of ballet

The groupings Acosta Danza,Malapaso Dance Company and National Dance Company of Mexico all will be in the Sauto theater this Wednesday November,2 , as a part of the XXVII Havana International Ballet Festival.

This will be a concert show of especial  relevance for the modern and contemporary dance lovers  ,with experimental touch. A vision of art of movement more encompassing ,fresh and unprejudiced.

The group who directs the great dancer Carlos Acosta brink stage of the  colossus yumurino Paysage ,soudan la nuit , in which the Swedish Pontus Lidberg is getting closing to the rumba through Leo Brouwer music.


One of the most interesting sets actual Cuban stage Malpaso Dance Company, propose Nana and insomnia  y Woman with wáter, with Osnel Delgado, Heriberto Meneses and  Dunia Acosta interpretation.

Finally ,the National Dance company of Mexico, a group with more than a half century of experience will put planimetry movement a choreography of  Irina Marcano dancing by Lorena Garcia and Erick Rodriguez. (ALH)

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