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Ray Lema: a concert to Matanzas

The musician Congolese Ray Lema arrive to Matanzas  as a part of the tour that begins this October 31 by different stages of Cuba.

In this occasion the Concert Room Jose White will welcome this November 5 at 3:00 pm the last presentation with his band Saka Saka Orchestra.

With a lot of album, Lema has a musical language very personal where combine « The traveler musician »  and the «Perpetual student»  just he like to call him self.

As a part of the timeline the artist will have some encounters with the communication media  and some students of the National School of Art  (NSA) this Wednesday 2  before offering some concerts , refer Granma Newspaper

In the House of Africa ,the Cuban Institute of Music  will grant the distinction of the bigger discography event of the country , The international  Cubadisco prime 2020 for his phonogram   in tribute for his chattering Franco Luambo.

In 2017 Lema presented  in Cuba the Artist´s Coalition initiative in favor of the Africa general history who follow the rescue of the tradition of his continent and involve artist with a strong   commitment in favor of the culture of his country.

Pianist and guitarist ,he works to the Congolese National  Ballet. Lema  has collaborated with Bulgarian Voices , Tyour Gnawa de Essaouira (Marruecos), la Chamber of Orchestra Sundsvall in Sweden and the singer and composer Brazilian Chico Cesar.

Actually he composes whit regularity to the  tether and the movie and he received a big numbers of primes in all his career (including a  gold Django).


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