Pilot conference of the Association of Combatants held in Perico

In the Matanzas municipality of Perico, the Pilot Conference of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution (ACRC) took place, as part of the assembly process that is taking place in the country.

During the meeting, 30 delegates discussed the results of the association in the five-year period 2019-2023 and presented the projections for the following period.

Several delegates spoke about the functioning of the grassroots associations and the terms for increasing the number of members.

Ángel Armando Pérez Bello, president of a Grassroots Association in the Máximo Gómez Popular Council, raised the delay in increasing pensions for the widows of combatants and the delivery of subsidies to the vulnerable.

Enrique Betancourt Benítez and Lázaro Villegas, both presidents of grassroots associations in the municipality, based their interventions on the care of those combatants who remain in the nursing home and bedridden.

Military patriotic work with young people in educational institutions is one of the priorities to spread the history of the local combatants who participated in missions both in Cuba and in other nations, and the importance of rescuing plaques and monuments as symbols of history and taking advantage of the spaces to transmit the experiences of the combatants to young people was highlighted at the meeting.

At the assembly, which takes place in the context of the Victory of Playa Girón on April 19, 1961, a minute of silence was dedicated to the combatants who died in the last five years.

The delegates approved the work report with the projections for the next stage, the proposals for the provincial Conference and the new executive of the association in Perico, where First Lieutenant Efraín Mesa was ratified as president.

The meeting was chaired by the member of the Executive Bureau of the Provincial Committee of the Party in Matanzas Ramón Gómez Medina, the Reserve Brigadier General Rafael Ruíz Pérez, vice president of the National Directorate of the ACRC and other leaders in the province and the territory. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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