New tool to buy free coins convertible without make line

A new computing tool called Ticket and created by the Cuban company Xetid will work from 23 as a system of online reservations to avoid the long crowds of people in changes houses (CADECA) to acquire free coins convertible(MLC)

In the web to computers o through the app ticket to Android movil devices, in the cuban platform Apklis will be available the new function before finalize the month of January of the year 2023, according to declaration of Joaquin Alonso Vazquez, CADECA president to the Cuban Agency of news.

Among the principal objectives of this new alternative to the lines to eradicate the illegalities that can derive and enable a better time management of the costumer in the 37 branch office of CADECA of all the countries. (ALH)

To use the app the interested must fill correctly the solicited  data to the app and to access to the  virtual lobby on each branch office of CADECA, were the people can add three beneficiaries and so familiar and friends will access to the service in case of do not provide of a computer or movil device.

                                                                                 Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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