New gym about to end of weight to base ball players from Matanzas

A modern and luxurious of force stay inaugurate on the next days as a part of the equipment of the baseball Cuba Federation delivered to the stadium Victoria de Giron in the Matanzas City.

Walkers, cycles, weight ball and other elements of physical conditioning will favor the preparation of the ballplayers of the Elite league and the National Series.

«We gave our self the task of find a local next to with the partners that make the donation were they were requested the teams. We contracted to a mipyme and we set here in the stadium» , explained Jose Carlos Mateo Hernandez, Investor from the National Institute of Sport, Physical Culture and Recreation in Matanzas

At charge of the MIPYME Bonell, a group of workers finalize details on the sanitary part of the property, before of its develop and inauguration, planned to honor the new anniversary of the Cuban Revolution win.

The mipyme has that to have in mind how to accommodate in the space air conditioner equipment more that the readies to the exercise, said Brian Michel Saez Mesa, boss of the BONELL brigade.

  «We repair the carpentry of the local entrance, we made a stopped to separate the sanitary of the team site and only we left end the bathroom to the complete delivery of the local»

 This gym belongs to the work financed inside of the strategy of the development of the Cuban Baseball, Its bet in march will contribute the training of the base ballplayers from Matanzas. (ALH)

 Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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