Important in Cuba win the in cybersecurity

The member of the politic bureau and the first minister in Cuba Manuel Marrero Cruz participated in the inauguration of the first working day of cybersecurity organized in the island.

This Wednesday started the First National Workshop about the important topic in a historic moment of fight against the war against Cuba in the cyberspace the reason why Marrero Cruz insisted in the elimination of the security breach in the technological platform, promote a culture of security and raise the perception of risk in all political and social levels.

The first Cuban minister deepened in the measures taken by the Cuban government to deal the pictures and fake news generated daily to manipulate the Cuban reality, as a part of a media bombing with the creation of the National Group of Work to the Cybersecurity, established in the President Directive of the National Defend Counsel to strengthen the Cybersecurity.

Cuba ratifies with the first national working day for the security in the cybersecurity its commitment in the construction of a information society and the knowledge in all can create, consult, use and create information and the knowledge and in function of them organized activities that include the wide popular participation in the physic space and virtual to make aware and elevate the culture o cybersecurity of directives, specialist and citizens.

The history of the aggression of the United States using the communication channel against Cuba since 1959, with the revolution triumph, and indicated that from 1960 was accountable the hours of transmission to discredit and destabilize the country, when Radio Marti, la Cubanisima, Radio Fe and the bad called Radio Marti were created , among others that in the new era of the information and the communication attack against the sovereignty of the island. (AGB) (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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