Qualify dynamic text of very positive realized this Sunday

Authorities of National Electoral Council (CEN) evaluated of very positive the results of the dynamic text realized this Sunday, in all the country, as before pass to the election of the National Assemble Deputies of the Popular Power, to celebrate the next March 25.

Explained that in the process also corroborated the assurances, the communication and the training of the electoral authority in charge of to ensure by the transparency and the quality of the of the elections, actions which to its consideration has been work with especial focus.

The functionary precised that starting with the obtained result and the main problematic reported more efficient plans of transportation, communication, supervision and assurances can be assumed agree with the characteristic of each territory.

Clarified that they reported incidences only in the 1% of the locals, each ones was difficulties with keys for the opening and access to the designated places, absences of some electoral authorities, failures in electrical fluid and lighting in the schools, switch telephones and other specific problems solved for the most part during the course of the test.

However, Balseiro Gutiérrez highlighted the commitment, responsibility and sense of belonging of those involved and the security of carrying out the elections with transparency and adherence to the legality that characterizes them.

In recent statements, the president of the CEN said that the vote in the largest of the Antilles is a people’s event, in which more than 200,000 people participate, invested with electoral authority.

Was refer on that occasion to the importance of exercise the right to vote and of make it by the place of his residence.

If not be possible by justifies causes, can be were his can be the day of the vote, in special school that its create to the affect or in the most closer to the place were they are, always that accredit its condition of elector and declare that his found signed up in the Electoral Record, added.

The March 26 the Cuban will chose the deputies to the National Assemble of the Popular Power, reason which one is necessary that know the merits and track of the candidates, well in the Caribbean Nation does not exist electoral campaign agree with the establish by the law. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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