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Diploma for preparation of reservations begins

Fourteen engineers from various branches began the first edition of the Diploma for the preparation of reserves and quarries of cadres in the agricultural sector, at the Félix Duque Guelmes Training Center, located in Jagüey Grande, Matanzas.

Graduates will assume administrative responsibilities in a key sector for the country’s economy.

According to Carlos Luis Naranjo Suárez, provincial delegate of Agriculture in the province, Matanzas is experiencing a historic moment, as it is the first course for young future managers.

After a rigorous selection, they will have an extensive theoretical and practical program, they will acquire knowledge to correctly carry out their work and expand the political and cultural level.

More than 500 young people make up the quarry and the program, supported by the Branch School of the Ministry of Agriculture, will be taught by teachers from the University Center of said municipality.

“I decided to start the course because it helps us strengthen ourselves as future managers in our company. Furthermore, thanks to the knowledge acquired we will contribute to the development of the center and the country. We will grow professionally, we will obtain advanced skills in research, critical analysis, problem solving and effective communication,” said Arasais Samper Cabrera, legal advisor of the Victoria de Girón Agroindustrial Company.

The diploma will conclude on April 27 and has 5 courses dedicated to management in the Matanzas agricultural system, management techniques and updating of legal regulations of the agricultural system.

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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