Add the series Wednesday more than 300 million of view on it firs week

The Netflix series Wednesday or Merlina, hoards the attention of more than 300 million of subs of the entire world on the first week of its premier.

The young actress Jenna Ortega make live to Wednesday, The eldest daughter of the Addams Family a singular familiar core with magic powers and peculiar taste by the darkness, the pallor and the black color.

The series directed by Tim Burton(Batman, Edward Scissor Hands and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) tales the arrival of Wednesday in the Never Land school, to marginalized young, were lives mermaid, werewolf, Medusa, and other species that try to soften the rigidity, character, seriousness and feel less of the fearless Addams.

Several mysteries, try to murder, friendship and the love captivate to the young witch and make her stay  in a singular town named Jerico, were the appearances deceive and protagonist of the history, as long to keep their status quo, will be able of the most creative plans.

Wednesday purpose with black humor of eight chapters from root of the iconic Addams snap and sound band of several films and before series until the personal increase, magic and sensitive of the protagonist.

The sound band, the image and the special effects denote the creativity of Burton and his constant search of freaks to reaffirm that don not care of were you came or who you are, because the search and respect of the individuality of each being is priority.

The distribution of the series count with the multi awarded Catherine Zeta Jones as Morticia, matriarch of the family; Luis Guzman as Gomez Addams, the father, and the young Isaac Ordonez as the sensitive Pugsley Addams.

To Wednesday will join Ema Myers as Enid Sinclair, roommate and adventures, and the fearless Hunter Doohan and Percy Hynes White as Tyler Galpin and Xavier Thorpe, respectively, who dare to try to conquer the Addams.

Christina Ricci come back to the saga after embody the character of Wednesday in the movie of 1991, The Addams Family, and its sequel in 1993. Other incorporation to the series distribution is the actress Gwendoline Christie, who interprets to Larissa Weems, knows by her papers as Brianne of Tarth in the Games of Thrones series, who declared recently that is her first time that she feel beautiful on the screen.

«They always have given me papers of dirty character, unsightly and rude by my great height(1.91), and by first time on my carer i can get a paper that shows my true personality», declared to Entertainment Weekly.

The first delivery of the Addams Family happened from 1964 to 1966 based in the cartoons that Charles Addams there was published in The New Yorker adapted to the TV by the producer David Levy.

The adaptation jumped to the great screen in the year 1991 directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and converted in cartoon by Universal Pictures in the year 2019, more a sequel in 2021.

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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