Cuban culture mourns the death of Héctor Correa

Yesterday morning, August 1st, the prominent artisanal and agricultural producer Héctor Correa passed away in Matanzas.

A press release from the Ministry of Culture highlights the impact generated by the sad news in the sector of creators on the island.

The text affirms that Correa was “an artist and potter who knew how to make of his life an artistic development project based on ecology, a pioneer of its kind in our country.”

It also highlights that “the vessels and sculptures made at his farm” Coincidencias “, located in Jovellanos, were worthy of countless awards and his work has been recognized both nationally and internationally.”

This project by Correa and his family, highlights the note, “has contributed and contributes to the training and integration of new generations, focused on a work style that prioritizes the enhancement of natural and ecological resources.”

Ministry of Culture recognizes that with Héctor Correa “we learned that the earth has much to give us and teach us. That the world culture history has much to teach us.

From an agricultural engineer, to a potter and an artist, to a fundamental economic actor in his land, he was proof that a sustainable culture and production can be made.

His extensive knowledge of art, technology and nature is knowledge that we must learn and feel in our veins, just as he did throughout his life, with the simplicity and charisma that defined him, with the pleasure of sharing knowledge and successes, in constant amazement at the wonder of natural life.

Our love goes with him and infinite gratitude wherever he goes.

Translated by Gabriela Bringas Hernández

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