Organs of People’s Power in Matanzas, 50 years of socialist democracy

In 1974, Matanzas was the pioneer province in the establishment of the experience of the Local Organs of Popular Power. Half a century has passed since the Municipal Assemblies (AMPP) and Provincial Assemblies were built as a legitimate form of social democracy in the country.

The President of the AMPP in Jovellanos, Danay Rives Álvarez, recognizes the responsibility of the delegates from the link with the base and the voters to the office with the administrative directorates and the local Organ of Popular Power.

In Jovellanos, the Assembly has 73 delegates. Of these, 53 remain within 9 Popular Councils and 20 outside the Councils. Each delegate has the mission of listening to the people, their concerns and proposals to raise them to the corresponding authorities in search of a solution.

As part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Organs of Popular Power in the municipality, they developed an action plan. In this regard, Rives Álvarez offered details:

“We have three neighborhoods in transformation, San Miguel de los Baños, Julio Reyes and Jaime López. In these three neighborhoods we have an approved budget of more than 9 million. Attention has been given to vulnerable families with housing situations with adapted premises. Likewise, repair work was carried out in the warehouses. In addition, we built a children’s playhouse scheduled for its inauguration on July 26 in the community of Cuba Libre. While in Jaime López we are addressing the proposal for the creation of a Family Care System in an adapted premises, the playgrounds have also been revived. Buildings and schools have been painted.”

Jovellanos is an eminently agricultural municipality, so food production is a priority task. The Commission for the work of productive affairs checks and controls compliance with the agricultural indicators.

“The delegate in the municipality has a high responsibility when representing 42,672 voters. Through popular participation, they have sought solutions in the neighborhood with alternatives for each problem. We also have two deputies who represent us in the National Assembly and also maintain a strong link with the base, such as holding public hearings.”

To the tasks in the Municipal and Provincial Assemblies, young people full of impetus and desire to do things are added. The wisdom of the founders who have paved the way is a source of learning for those who are starting out on this path. The Organs of Popular Power in Matanzas are celebrating their 50th anniversary and their members are committed to representing their constituents from a democratic perspective and contributing every day to the resolution of problems and the development of the community. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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