martes , 19 octubre 2021


Atenas 2021 event: debate on the historical reality of Cuba

The 29th edition of the Atenas Event, in Matanzas, was held at the San Severino Castle, and became a propitious space for the historians of the province to highlight the need to disseminate knowledge about territorial traditions and the importance of interrelating the past with the social reality in Cuba today. Among the event´s activities was the ceremony of blessing …

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Garage sale gains followers in Cárdenas

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, about a hundred houses in Cárdenas dress up as carnival. From the simplest to the most ostentatious garages, portals or backyards resemble store displays. Garage sales have been gaining followers among the inhabitants of the Ciudad Bandera, since the eventual retail marketing of household and personal items was approved last July. In this way, they extend …

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Timely solutions are offered to aged approaches

Rendición de cuentas sobre las soluciones a los planteamientos de los delegados. Foto: Rigoberto León

Direct communication between the people and their delegates, to solve the problems of the community, suffered modifications because of the delay caused by the epidemiological situation of the territory. When the context in the province remains stable, the authorities exchange with the delegates to verify compliance with the old approaches of the citizens. The delay in the administrative response was …

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CITMA reports on oil spill

According to Nelvis Elaine Gómez Campos, Subdelegate of CITMA in Matanzas, the oil spill that occurred last Wednesday in the Yumuri 201 well in the coastal area of Matanzas affected by runoff around 25 square meters of a low marine terrace. The specialist explains that in the karst substrate of this terrace some well-dispersed vegetation, typical of the coastal xeromorphic …

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Around 95% of the population of Matanzas received at least one dose of the vaccines against Covid-19

Matanzas, vacunación, COVID-19

Almost 95 percent of the population of the province of Matanzas received at least one dose of the inoculation scheme against Covid-19. According to Dr. ArístidesGarcía Herrera, secretary of the Provincial Vaccination Commission, he commented in the Temporary Working Group, 78 percent of those over 18 years of age have already completed the immunization cycles.   Among the difficulties that …

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Celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Camilo Cienfuegos Military School in Matanzas

Matanzas, EMCC

Students and workers of the Camilo Cienfuegos Military School, in Matanzas, celebrated the 55th Anniversary of the school in a ceremony chaired by Major General Andrés González Brito, Chief of the Central Army and member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, among other political, governmental and mass authorities. The meeting highlighted the efficiency of the service …

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Strengthening of sanitary measures is analyzed for the future reopening of tourism in Matanzas

The Temporary Working Group to confront Covid-19 in Matanzas analyzed the epidemiological situation of the territory and the possibilities of the future reopening of tourism to Matanzas residents. Among the main actions to be taken are the reinforcement of the investigations of all clients and workers, the disinfection of all vehicles and the creation of a permanent management position for …

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The university we want

Students from the University of Matanzas dialogue with the main authorities of the province. Members of the Federation of University Students (FEU) commented on their experiences in different tasks of social impact during an exchange with the highest authorities of the province. Jorge David Sánchez García, an English Language student insisted on the need to work together on the different …

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