martes , 19 octubre 2021

Strengthening of sanitary measures is analyzed for the future reopening of tourism in Matanzas


The Temporary Working Group to confront Covid-19 in Matanzas analyzed the epidemiological situation of the territory and the possibilities of the future reopening of tourism to Matanzas residents.

Among the main actions to be taken are the reinforcement of the investigations of all clients and workers, the disinfection of all vehicles and the creation of a permanent management position for a more rigorous control in the tourist center.

During the working meeting, headed by the member of the Central Committee of the Party and his first secretary in the province, Liván Izquierdo Alonso, reported on the energy situation of the territory, and detailed that the Antonio Guiteras thermoelectric plant synchronized the National Electroenergetic System since Tuesday and gradually increases its load.

Governor Mario Sabines Lorenzo insisted on the need to carry out an in-depth survey in order to achieve the quality of the investigation as a way to detect suspects or positives early.

The cohesion of the organisms to strengthen the preventive and sanitary measures in the province will guarantee the entrance of the territory to the new normality.


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