martes , 19 octubre 2021
La doctora Marisel García del Busto Chinea, con 25 años de experiencia en su profesión, se desempeña como jefa del servicio provincial de Cirugía Maxilofacial pediátrica en Matanzas.

For the improvement of maxillofacial surgery in pediatric patients


The Maxillofacial Surgery service at the Eliseo Caamaño Provincial Pediatric Hospital in Matanzas is guided by Dr. Marisel García de Busto Chinea, with 25 years of experience in the work.

´´Our multidisciplinary team cares for all children with maxillofacial diseases in the territory and also some patients from other provinces. Among the most frequent diseases are traumas and tumors, as well as cleft lip and palate, a congenital malformation whose incidence in the world is one in every thousand live births, but in Matanzas it is quite frequent. Genetic and other external factors influence this disease´´.

Assistance professor of the Stomatology career and associate researcher at the University of Medical Sciences of the province, Marisel contributes to the health of many children.

Doctora Marisel García del Busto efectuando un diagnóstico prenatal.

´´We have many anecdotes: for example, we were called to go to Las Tunas to operate urgently on a child with a small jaw and a tongue that falls back and obstructs the airways. We attended him and the operation was successful´´.

In order to improve the results from the functional and aesthetic point of view, this professional persists in the constant search for new techniques through her participation in various courses inside and outside of Cuba.

´´Through a scientific relationship with the director of the craniofacial surgery service of the Children´s Hospital in Boston, belonging to Harvard University, for 20 years we were able to exchange scientific information with the aim of renewing surgical techniques´´.

Getting a prenatal diagnosis for the majority of patients with cleft lip and palate, as well as promptly resolving these deformities, are priorities for Dr. Marisel.

Foto cortesía de la entrevistada

Dr. Marisel García de Busto performing a prenatal diagnosis

´´This mission is very important for us, because these children must be inserted into society, sometimes they can be rejected precisely because of the distortion or because of the way they speak, if it is not corrected in time´´.

Receiving the smile of a recovered child represents for Marisel the greatest satisfaction that her profession gives her.

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